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E-mail Focus Built and Hurt RIM

Compaq’s iPaq ( pictured), brought to market early last decade was a blockbuster device from the standpoint of its aesthetics. It had a bright color screen, had great audio at the time and felt good in the hand. Competing the...

Tim Cook - Apple a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Why did Tim Cook leave Compaq to go to Apple where he is now COO? Especially when so many told him he would be a fool to do so? Well, he said, sometimes cost/benefit analysis is the wrong way to...

Microsoft's Huge Mobile Gamble

The mobile market has come full circle from multitasking to single-tasking Microsoft's Windows Mobile and its predecessors distinguished themselves as an operating system which are very desktop-like when compared to devices like a Blackberry or Palm VII. At the beginning...

HP Buys 3Com

HP is acquiring 3Com for $2.7 billion and there are a number of reasons for this move. First of all, it is obvious the tech market is hot and Cisco and other companies are optimistic about the future as evidenced...

Past ITEXPO Keynoter Fiorina Runs for Senate

I am thrilled that a past ITEXPO keynoter Carly Fiorina will be running for the California Senate. Carly is a charming, personable and knowledgeable thought leader who gave a captivating address to a standing-room only crown in Los Angeles a...

How Dell Helped Destroy the PDA Market

Eight years ago I was the chairman of a conference titled Planet PDA where I got to see the early innovation in the market which later became widely deployed in a slew of consumer electronics devices. Back then, Palm and...
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