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Is Regulation 1.0 Slowing the Networked Economy?

Fred Wilson alerted me to a talk Nick Grossman recently gave representing their company Union Square Ventures relating to how regulators haven’t kept up with a number of peer to peer business models from Kickstarter to AirBnB to the lending...

VCs disrupted by Angels thanks to Cloud, Apple, Google and Facebook

How too many investors can lead us to irrational exuberance 2.0 Fred Wilson, managing partner at Union Square Ventures is one of the most well-respected VCs around and does an amazing job with his AVC blog – it is in...

New Research Explains Why There is no Tech Bubble

VC funding analysis says we aren't repeating the dotcom-era funding environment of the last cycle Here is the good news – venture capital investments are not increasing at rates which are typically commensurate with bubbles... At least according to a...

Tablet App Chasing Publishing Lemmings

If you remember a few months back I discussed how the whole idea of bailing out newspapers was terrible. I further asked where the innovation was from traditional publishers? Here is a paragraph of note (I bolded the most important...

A New Tech Bubble?

Are we in a new tech bubble which most of us aren't even aware of? It is certainly quite possible and one thing we have all learned from experience is it is better to be overly cautious than to get burned in...

Palm's Stay Packages Quite Common

Fred Wilson has some important thoughts regarding Palm's Stay Packages which he point out are quite common to hand out when a business is up for sale. He explains why here. What prompted his piece was an article which positioned...
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