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Good Bye Jeff Raikes

Good bye Jeff Raikes. Raikes did a great job at Microsoft and in the unified communications space he should be commended for rolling out a slew of strong products and doing a fantastic PR and marketing job promoting them. He...

Which PBX Manufacturers will Survive?

The following is a sidebar to the Publisher’s Outlook Column Microsoft’s Big Unified Communications Launch in the November, 2007 issue of Unified Communications Magazine.   ---   There are many PBX companies – well over 25. I am surprised how...

Microsoft’s Big Unified Communications Launch

Please enjoy the Publisher’s Outlook from the November, 2007 Unified Communications Magazine.   ---   In the history of communications space there has never been a new product roll-out supported by over 50 other companies. Until October 16, 2007, that...

50 Microsoft Unified Communications Partners

There are 50 companies making announcements in conjunction with Microsoft’s Unified Communications launch. As I mentioned – this could be the biggest week for communications ever. Time will tell of course but 50 companies is nothing to sneeze at.  ...
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