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Michael Robertson's New

Michael Robertson is one of the most interesting people in the tech world having burst onto the scene during the dotcom days with the launch of which allowed users to store their CD collection in the cloud. Now a...

Amazon: Begun the Consumer Cloud Wars Have

Amazon has just unveiled a cloud storage solution for music and other files beating Apple and Google to the punch. The service, promoted by the included graphic on the Amazon home page explains the offer which includes a player which...

Free Market Capitalism Helps the Poor Most

I came across a post from Michael Robertson today which has an awesome headline " Gates and Buffet Have it Wrong" and it sums up succinctly how people with means can best-help the poor. I can't help but agree with...

Internet Music Saved?

There is some good news and bad in the recent negotiations between record labels and internet streaming sites which bring you radio over IP. From the AP: The revenue-sharing deal announced Tuesday is between SoundExchange, a nonprofit that collects royalties...

Will Backing up Music Soon Be Illegal?

Some of you may remember that was a dot-com era company allowing people to upload CDs they owned and then stream this music to various devices. It was a service ahead of its time and in fact Webot...


Michael Robertson over at Gizmo Project has some thoughts on how he expects the world to embrace free advertising supported content. His company SIPphone has launched a new service called allowing anyone to speak for free to virtually any...
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