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Learn From Nortel's Woes

Yesterday I spent a good deal of time filming my opinions on the latest news in the TMC Newsroom and didn't get time to blog at all. Rest assured, I was sharing my opinions - but in this case on...

Nortel Earnings August 2008

In a podcast conversation with Joel Hackney, President of Enterprise Solutions Business at Nortel I had a chance to discuss Nortel's earnings which were a mixed bag for the quarter. On the one hand there were eight quarters of...

Hyperconnectivity, Live and in Person

You can't escape the reality that interconnectivity between humans will increase at a more rapid pace as time goes on. The myriad ways in which we connect with one another, e-mail, social networks, blogging, IM, SMS, telephone, voicemail and others...

Nortel's Joel Hackney Discusses Earnings

Nortel announced earnings today and to get more detail on the news I had a chance to speak with Joel Hackney, President of the Enterprise Solutions Group at Nortel. Some details worth sharing... The company's net loss widened but revenue...
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