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Alcatel-Lucent Turning the Corner?

After a number of years and some challenging times after the merger - Alcatel-Lucent the combination of New Jersey-based Lucent and Paris-based Alcatel is turning the corner making a quarterly profit and displaying more confidence about its future. Kevin O'Brien...

Julius Genachowski to Head FCC?

TMCnet's Michael Dinan reports Julius Genachowski will head up the FCC as part of the incoming Obama administration. Genachowski is a former Harvard law classmate of Obama, chief counsel to former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt, a VC and led the...

The Bright Side of the R Word

Recession, what recession? If you listen to business TV you will see that more than half the guests who are usually positioned as financial experts say they don't know if we are in one. Even if we are, some say...

Motley Fool on Vonage

For a financial perspective on what is happening to Vonage and its stock take a look at this article from the Motley Fool. The Fool as the site is affectionately called, thinks the stock is priced to go the way...

Google Bank

Is Google thinking of getting into the banking business? Well according to this Motley Fool article the company has done something novel with its stock options program allowing options granted after the IPO to be traded on the open market...
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