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Om Goes Green

I am happy to report that Om Malik has launched a “Green blog” named Earth2tech. Om starts his post on the subject with the following comment: “Apparently like everyone else, we are going green!”   Yes, I know what Om...

Ooma Hysteria

I received e-mails from a number of bloggers this morning linking to their stories about ooma, the latest p2p VoIP scheme promising free long distance to the masses. The difference between ooma and other p2p solutions like Skype is the...

Nokia N800 The Real Story

What is the world’s toughest job at the moment? It has to be trying to compete head on with the iPhone. But as Om Malik points out, the Nokia N800 does a great deal of what the iPhone does not...

Better Conferencing

When Om Malik sent an e-mail about 27 different ways to improve conferencing I thought to myself there was no way that there are 27 discrete things you can do to have better conferences. I guess I was wrong. Great...

EvokeTV has it Right

Is the future of TV watching building community around programs and having the ultimate “buddy list” as Om infers. Absolutely in my opinion. Communities will grow around all entertainment as they have done around shopping, news and everywhere else. The...

Oracle in SIP Market

I am pretty surprised by the news of Oracle entering the SIP market. 'The addition of Hot Sip's technology will allow Oracle to build on its leadership in middleware and in carrier-grade communications infrastructures,' said Thomas Kurian, senior vice president,...
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