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Optimum WiFi Speed Test

My car got hit in a parking lot this weekend and the person who drove into me was nice enough to leave a note and offered to pay for the repairs. Anyway I am at the auto body shop and...

Cablevision, Comcast and Time Warner Cable Support WiFi Roaming

I have written before about how great Cablevision has been in providing high-speed Optimum WiFi access to customers throughout parts of Connecticut and New York. Now this service allows users to roam onto other cable networks provided by Comcast and...

BelAir Networks WiFi Enables Carriers

I have been a strong proponent of carriers rolling out WiFi networks as they provide another sticky service which customers are loathe to give up. Cablevision's Optimum WiFi which is a free WiFi service rolled out in much of the...

IPhones Become Enhanced Services Platforms

One of the first truly useful wireless devices was the Palm 7 as it had a screen big enough to be useful and a stylus which allowed typing so a user could interact with web pages. As I recall, there...

Interviewed by BusinessWeek About Cablevision Optimum WiFi

I was interviewed recently for an informative article in BusinessWeek regarding Cablevision's Optimum WiFi Service. By now I am sure you know I am a Cablevision Optimum WiFi fan and further feel WiFi is a powerful component of a...

AT&T Wayport Acquisition Signals Importance of WiFi

Today, AT&T acquired Wayport giving millions of AT&T customers access to get free WiFi access at 20,000 US hotspots. Why is this important? Simply because AT&T's 3G network is having trouble keeping up with all the traffic the iPhone and...
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