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Ooma Telo Coming Soon

When I last caught up with Ooma in New York I had a chance to learn about their slick new Telo device which looks like a blend of art and communications. I have always been a fan of Bang &...

U.S. House Passes E911 Bill

As many of you know, in 1997 TMC decided to launch Internet Telephony Magazine because we saw the power of IP communications changing the communications worldwide. Over the past years we have seen this in action as entire network...

2-Year Old Calls 911

I think this video is one of the most amazing I have seen in some time. A two-year old girl called 911 and communicated that her mom was hurt. Mom was in fact unconscious. Very impressive. Apparently it is never...

HBF Group

I recently had the opportunity to ask HBF Group, Inc. / 911 Services Executive Vice President of Business Development Jim Shepard about his business and the direction he is taking the company.   HBF/911 Services focuses on the design, development, implementation and...

VoIP e911 Forum

VoIP e911 is one of those issues that seems to linger on and on. It is a complicated issue and that in part has to do with the PSAPs that are described as a bunch of fiefdoms who really don't...

The E-911 Opportunity

Reprinted from the January 2006 issue of Internet Telephony Magazine.In our company’s insider parlance, an opportunity is often a euphemism for a “problem.” This makes for some interesting turns of phrase when things go wrong and my colleagues approach me...
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