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Come Meet the Thought Leaders at ITEXPO

One of the most important parts of any conference is the networking... The potential to meet and speak with thought leaders in numerous markets at one time in one place. This year's ITEXPO has more thought leaders than any prior...

Pactolus and Cisco Workshops

Be sure to come to the Communications Developer Conference tomorrow and be part of the Pactolus and Cisco workshops. Why you ask? Because the future of communications is all about ecosystems and companies like Pactolus and Cisco are providing a...

Trixbox/Fonality at Communications Developer

I have just received word Kerry Garrison will be speaking at TMC’s Communications Developer Conference to take place next month in Santa Clara, CA. Kerry is the Sr. Product Manager at Trixbox and works intricately with the open-source development community....


Many in the industry have told me how concerned they are about the open-source telecom movement and how the margins in the telecom business are being stripped out. But in the brave new world of the internet companies like Skype...

More on SIP

The SIP market is growing so quickly it is exciting that it defies growth projections. I wrote about SIP just today and how the standard is now so closely intertwined with VoIP, it is tough to see where one technology...
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