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Agito Networks

The amount of companies pursuing the fixed-mobile convergence market or FMC continues to grow at a torrid pace. The latest company to jump in with both feet is startup Agito Networks. I had a chance to meet with Dan Spalding...

Good Bye Foleo

On May 31st, 2007 I mentioned the Palm Foleo was doomed. Specifically I wrote the following:   It seems doomed to me but perhaps Palm can morph it to be something useful down the line. But then again, I can't...

Palm Foleo

I love gadgets and I love what Palm has done for the handheld market. I love the concept of Palm rolling out a new laptop-sized device. But that is where it ends. The new Palm Foleo has a fraction of...

Open-Source Call Center

It would seem the open-source call center market is beginning to heat up with a new call center offering from Fonality aimed at companies with between 2-200 seats. The product, PBXtra Call Center is includes capabilities such as branch office...

NTP Sues Palm

It would seem the cost for mobile computing is set to increase across the board. Now NTP is going after Palm. As you may remember a while back the nation was worried that Blackberry service was going to be shut...

Sell New Services

Recently Verizon Wireless is impressing me more and more. They started to catch my attention when they started working with Palm and Microsoft on a Microsoft based Treo. The latest thing the company has done is solve a problem I...
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