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Android Developer Contest

Question: What is the best way to get your mobile platform to be adopted by developers and subsequently end-users? Answer: Pay off the developers   And that is just what Google is doing with their Android SDK. A total of...


I recently had the opportunity to speak with TeamQuest Corporation’s director of communications, Keith Hanna, about the IP communications space, SIP and the overall direction of the company.   TeamQuest Corporation is a provider of IT Service Optimization, specializing in...


I recently had the opportunity to speak with Erin Bolton, marketing manager of Acredo Technologies Inc, about IP communications, the company’s customer base and the upcoming ITEXPO.   Acredo Technologies delivers hosted IP phone service to the small business market...

Packet Island

I recently had the opportunity to ask Packet Island President Praveen Kumar about VoIP, the IP Communications space and more.   Packet Island provides the a micro-appliance based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that enables service providers and VARs to deliver managed...


I recently had the opportunity to ask Jeff Wellemeyer, chairman and CTO of Smoothstone, about the most recent call center solutions and the path Smoothstone is taking to create greater customer satisfaction.   Smoothstone is an IP communications provider...

Cisco Purchases WebEx Podcast

Here is my audio podcast on the Cisco acquisition of WebEx. There are many positives here and lots of interesting perspective and I kept it to a few minutes. I hope you like it....
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