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Book Review: Behind the Cloud by Marc Benioff of

I generally don't do book reviews as there just isn't enough time in the day but I recently read Behind the Cloud: The Untold Story of How Went from Idea to Billion-Dollar Company-and Revolutionized an Industry by Marc Benioff...

Larry Ellison and SaaS

Although many people in technology are saying that SaaS is one of the fastest growing segments of the market, Larry Ellison, the founder and CEO of Oracle  had some negative comments about the industry lately. I found an article describing...

ITEXPO TMC University Courses Expanded

I promised yesterday that we would be devoting great focus to ITEXPO this week and to kick things off I want to ensure you are aware of the TMC University courses which will be offered at the show September 16-18,... Grows 50%

If you have any doubts about the growth of CRM and the growth of SaaS models, I advise you to consider the fact that just announced earnings up 52% for the quarter -- year-over-year. Here are some financial stats...

Hosted Application Demand Fuels

Hosted applications continue to get more press as time goes on. Similar to the e-commerce space, this market saw a slew of new entrants during the bubble times and many of these companies subsequently crashed and burned. Obviously having ASPs...

Microsoft's SaaS Push

There are rumors suggesting Microsoft will soon unveil its hosted/on demand/Software as a Service strategy where many of its applications will be provided via the Internet. If Google is the strongest competitor in this space -- and they are... The...
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