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Tellabs Outlines Carrier Backhaul Challenge and Opportunity

Tellabs had some scary news for operators at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona as they outlined the detachment of user expectations in wireless which follow Moore's Law versus operator cost which is increasing rapidly. This according to Stuart Benington...

Speaking at VoIP Conference and Expo 2009

I really excited to speak at the Illinois Institute of Technology Rice Campus for the VoIP Conference and Expo 2009. This will be my first time to this event and interestingly the third time in recent weeks in which I...

Sonus CTO Leaves for Tellabs

I have written about Vikram Saksena in the past - and as CTO of Sonus, I have had the chance to speak with him a few times and have always been impressed at how he has been able to discuss...

Anda Networks News

You can never have too much performance or too much bandwidth it seems. Regardless of how fast our broadband connections get, we develop applications which need more. SaaS, Telepresence and other forms of video are just a few examples...

Tellabs CEO Steps Down

RTTNews reports Tellabs President and CEO Krish Prabhu will Resign March 1, 2008. This could be good news for company’s shareholders as Tellabs is one of the most introverted companies in the communications space. Tellabs certainly ranks in the top...
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