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Social Media Helps Americans Come Together Peacefully

The American people - citizens of all nationalities have come together to send a message to Republicans and Democrats. The message? Stop the spending. Clinton spent responsibly, Bush didn't and Obama took the runaway spending of the Bush years and...

Can Deflation Create US Jobs?

Over the past year it has become evident that deflation is a driving force of the US economy. Margins are being squeezed in virtually all businesses. Even areas of the market where you might think there is pricing pressure don't...

CRM and ERP Integration Analysis

There is no question this economy has forced virtually every household and business to economize but it has done more than that... It has made most companies think long and hard about how they can become more productive and efficient....

Time Magazine and Net Neutrality

Time Magazine has named you and me as their person of the year but without net neutrality would this have been the case? Would we have had the ability to use sites like MySpace and YouTube or would these companies...

YouTube: Invention of the Year

I suppose selling your business for almost 2 billion dollars is great but does this make your invention worthy of being the Invention of the Year from Time Magazine? There have been many video sharing sites over the years and...
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