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All Hail the (Malicious) Human Brain

I am forever amazed at the creativity of human beings. Look at all the companies we have produced. The trillions of dollars of wealth we have created. It is amazing that our combined genius has dramatically raised the standard of...

Preparing For Cyber Attacks

While ensuring the security of physical structures and events such as ball games is crucial to a comprehensive national security plan, we must not forget about cyber security and as terrorist threats from various groups and even nations continue, it...

Gadget Virus Complaints

It is enough to make you cry. That shiny new gadget you crave, went out and purchased and carried home with the utmost care could be home to a virus living snugly in your device's memory waiting for someone unsuspecting...

Skype Fear

By now you may have heard about how Skype uses a proprietary protocol and as such can be dangerous on your network as you aren't exactly sure what its doing. Recently a more pressing fear has popped onto the scene....

More Spear Phishing

I originally wrote about spear phishing this past summer. In case you missed it these attacks are more targeted and designed to look like they are coming from a trustworthy source such as someone in your enterprise. It seems people...
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