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Web Transparency Aids Outage Victims After Irene

Over the last decade, social CRM has given companies a voice on a 24x7 basis – if they so choose. Companies which once were impossible to extract information from will now gladly answer questions via Twitter for the world to...

TMC Launches HTML5 Event July 2011 in NYC

This July 27 & 28, 2011 will witness an important event for HTML5 developers in New York presented by TMC and its partner Crossfire Media. This new technology has the ability to revolutionize user interfaces and make desktop software and...

Is Apple the Biggest Facebook Threat?

Now I am not saying Apple is today ready to take on Facebook but boy are getting to a point where the pieces are lining up nicely for the maker of super-cool gadgets to combine the best of its offerings...

Droid Won't Kill the iPhone But Google Guide Might

For the record, Google Guide is not a product or service developed by Google. To learn what I believe this service can become, please keep reading. I spent some time with the new Motorola Droid this weekend and I interviewed...
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