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Nuance Takes Speech Technology Literally into the Clouds

I recently spent some time at the Speechtek 2011 event in New York and while there I had a chance to speak with a number of companies including Nuance Communications and in my conversation with company representatives Dena Skrbina and...

For Better Or Worse - Planes to Get More Rafts

Who thought you could walk/swim away from a water landing? Well, now that we know you can, American Airlines has determined its planes don't have enough life rafts. The good news is they will limit passengers on flights until...

Amazing Video of US Air Flight Landing in Hudson

WOW ...

A Moment of Pride

  I must say I watched with amazement this past week as rescuers saved the passengers and crew of the US Airways flight which landed in the Hudson River. While watching, I was proud, very proud of my fellow countrymen....
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