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Benbria Evolves into Social CRM

Marketing has never been so complicated and social media has only taken something which was difficult and added levels of complexity. Recently at ITEXPO in Austin, Texas, TMC hosted its first CMO Summit and the consensus at the event was...

Mitel's IPO and the Future of Communications this Decade

2009 was a momentous year for Nortel - finally imploding under a combination of extreme debt, acquisition challenges, Asian competition and the remnants of a financial scandal from years past. Recently I analyzed the acquisition of Nortel's enterprise unit by...

Mitel Benefits from Virtualization, Nortel Sale

On a recent trip to Canada I sat down with Mitel CEO Don Smith and President and COO Paul Butcher to discuss the company, industry and future. The dynamic duo is exactly that, mixing copious amounts of humor and friendly...

Terry Matthews to Keynote ITEXPO West 2009

Over 70 companies founded by one person in one industry - communications/technology (to be fair he owns hotels and golf courses as well). Over the years, tens of thousands of people were hired because of the vision of Sir Terry...

Sun Reenters Telecom

With all the fanfare surrounding Microsoft’s reentry into telecom, I thought it worth mentioning Sun is doing the same thing. Microsoft has integrated their applications into communications (or vice versa) and even designed new devices such as phones and even...

Fractal Edge

I spoke with Richard Laughton the founder of Fractal Edge today. Fractal Edge is part of the Wesley Clover family of companies and as you may have surmised is funded by Sir Terry Matthews.   The company displays large, complex,...
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