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Microsoft SecondLight Touch Computing Demo

At ITEXPO in Los Angeles last year XD Huang wowed the audience with a video of future touch-screen technologies which integrate the real and virtual worlds. It was quite amazing and I will never forget it. I just can't wait...

ITEXPO 2009 East Keynote John Frederiksen

  John Frederiksen, the General Manager of Microsoft's Response Point initiative sees tremendous potential in the SMB phone system space. He says the opportunity is very similar to the netbook market (which grows at 20%) and explains how five years...

Microsoft Response Point Podcast With Richard Sprague

Microsoft's Response Point is an SMB phone system with big features. Priced reasonably and supplied by partners who make the hardware, this small business phone system has big features like voice recognition and a lot more.But more importantly, this...

Touchless Gives Glimpse of GBUI

We have seen the futuristic user interfaces of movies like Minority Report and The Matrix Revolutions where people wave their hands in 3 dimensions and the computer understands what the user wants and shifts and sorts data with precision....

Response Point Phone System Signals a Nimble New Microsoft

Microsoft had a whirlwind of announcements at ITEXPO West 2008 last September in Los Angeles, California and at the show I had a chance to meet with XD Huang , Microsoft General Manager and Richard Sprague, Senior Director about...
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