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TV Evolves With Yahoo, Samsung, Neulion

 Some of the latest television news of interest is that Yahoo widgets will appear on Samsung TV sets. This is a big development as it shows the companies in the web and TV camps are coming closer together. As you...

Guess Who's Back, Back Again... Redmond's Back. Tell Icahn

Carl Icahn is pushing hard to get a Microsoft Yahoo deal done as he picks up more Yahoo shares and waits for something to happen between the two companies. The latest? Microsoft will potentially pick up the search business for...

Can Yahoo Get Out of its Own Way?

Obviously this past month has seen tremendous market volatility but I thought it important to point your attention to Yahoo being near a fiver-year low. The company could have been taken over by Microsoft and returned shareholders over $13 billion...

Fonality Gets More Funding

Fonality just received a $12 million financing round by Draper Fisher Jurvetson Growth Fund. This is a powerful statement by this top fund that they really beleive in the open source communications story and to be quite honest, it is...
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