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AAA Will Now Jump-Charge Your Electric Car

I ran out of gas once - and I swear the gas gauge said I had a quarter tank. But those days are over as gas is well - so last century. Well that's what I hear anyway. Turns out...

AT&T Boosts GPS With A-GPS

AT&T just announed they will support A-GPS or assisted GPS which is a technology which utilizes the best of the GPS and cellular worlds allowing faster and more accurate postition tracking. GPS while fairly accurate, can take minutes to initialize...

Service Provider Opportunities

Service providers are being extremely creative in using technology and ingenuity to launch new and enhanced services and products to keep customers and attract new ones. Some of the better ideas I have seen lately are the consumer electronics DECT...

Alltel Partners with AAA

Years back, many of my colleagues and I waxed poetic about location based services. Now it seems, with the aid of GPS, these services are being rolled out. A really interesting one has been announced by AAA the automobile club and...
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