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iOS Allows Apple to Correct Microsoft "Mistake"

If you look back at the early days of Apple, Microsoft has been a major supplier to Cupertino's customers virtually from day one. Even today, Microsoft is the go to software provider for not only Macs but PCs. So whichever...

iPhone: Still Not For Business?

Sure the iPhone is getting better and even though it has no keyboard, it is becoming a better business device as time marches on. The question worth asking however is why the iPhone still needs to be handicapped when compared...

iPhone/Exchange Management

I almost fell over when I received an email from the Microsoft PR team titled "Microsoft Exchange and iPhone." To me this email is as unexpected as an email from Microsoft requesting I rely on open source software . But...

iPhone Gets ActiveSync

Last summer I wrote about by trip to Redmond to visit Microsoft and more specifically my thoughts on when the iPhone will get ActiveSync if ever. Here is an excerpt: As part of the Redmond software giant’s mobility strategy,...

Microsoft Pushes into Communications and Beyond

Here is my August 2007 Publisher’s Outlook for Internet Telephony Magazine. It may be one of the longest pieces I have written in a while and it was great fun to put together and hopefully is something you will appreciate....
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