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NICE Systems at MWC2013

At Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona NICE had a very compelling story regarding its multiple product lines which are generally analytics, security, financial and the contact center. In a conversation with Yaniv Zukerman and Eyal Kirshner I learned...

Thoughts on Virgin America

I like flying Virgin America as the company has cool and hip branding, plays music in some of its terminals like SFO and the in-flight entertainment system is awesome. One of the best things about the airline is you can...

Rewards Network, the Social Restaurant Hub

In the last few decades it has become apparent that all companies are for the most part limited by their imaginations. Apple was thought to be a computer company but is now a leader in music, movies and phones. Amazon...

Spam, Microsoft Search, American Airlines WiFi and More

I have so much to write about today that I just don't have the time for separate blog entries so if you excuse me, here is a list of unrelated but important topics.Spam ArrestI get too much spam. I get...

Headed Back

I am headed back now -- and gearing up for my video reporting at CBX later this week. An interesting point about airlines is that their rules (on some of the older airlines anyway) are so complex that they have...

Comparing Airline Fees

It should come as no surprise that airline travel costs are increasing. The bad news is that it is virtually impossible to figure out what airlines charge for their various new fees while you are buying tickets without spending...
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