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Should Net Neutrality Apply to Silicon Valley?

While the nation is up in arms about the repeal of something 99.9 percent of the population didn't know existed six months ago, its time for a sanity check. We have been told "we" may be the only tech leader...

Will the FCC Ban Talking on Flights Next?

We realize this is a controversial topic as many people didn't want internet on flights, let alone calling. Having said that, Your's Truly has turned on WiFi Calling on his phone and does occasionally talk in the iPhone mid-flight. The...

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Wants Your Startphone FM Radio to Work

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai thinks many of the smartphones sold in the U.S. should have their FM radios enabled for public safety and other reasons. He pointed out that only 44 percent of the top-selling smartphones in the United States have...
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