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The Need for More Fiber is Very Real

As the mobile revolution has grown, the one constant has been the need for faster connections and/or fiber to cell towers. For years TMC has interviewed Hunter Newby and Jason Cohen of Allied Fiber about the need for fiber throughout...

LIGHTWAVE One Optical Event New to ITEXPO in LA This Fall

It is no secret that I have been hearing great things about the future of the optical market. Check out this post for optimistic interviews regarding the space with Hunter Newby of Allied Fiber and Jim Theodoras of Adva Optical...

Optical Demand Increases According to ADVA Optical Networking

Optical component shortages are not something we have heard about much since the CLEC bubble of the late nineties yet Jim Theodoras - Director of Technical Marketing at ADVA Optical Networking explained he had recently come from an optical trade...

VoIP Not Internet Telephony

It is amazing to me that we still need to have this conversation in an industry which is over a decade old but VoIP does not mean calls on the internet. Of course VoIP calls could traverse the internet but...
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