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Ethertronics Active Steering Boosts LTE Antenna Throughput 30%

One of the biggest challenges facing smartphone users is keeping the devices connected at all times. After all, the trend towards storing more data in the cloud means in order to access increasing amounts of information, you need a fast...

Ubidyne Shows Active Antennas Help Optimize 4G LTE

One of the biggest challenges facing the communications industry is lack of wireless spectrum. Wireless carriers are already struggling to keep up with users who download more and more content with ever-faster devices sporting more processors and higher-resolution screens. Just...

Consumer Reports Says Steer Clear of iPhone 4

Consumer Reports has tested the iPhone 4 in its lab and has duplicated the antenna problem so many are having. The problem has to do with signal quality degrading to the point of calls being dropped by the iPhone. The...

Software to fix iPhone 4 Antenna

Sadly the famous death grip will still cause calls to drop The controversy regarding the iPhone 4 death grip - the so-called way of holding the iPhone 4 to get it to lose its signal and drop a call takes...

iPhone 4 Quite Polarizing

While many bloggers have been on a rampage about the new Apple death grip required to hold the new iphone 4 in a manner which does not cause signal degradation, I thought it may make sense to briefly focus on...

Verizon Voyager Analysis

I had a chance to briefly demo the Verizon Voyager today and it is an amazing combination of technology in a compact package. The question I kept asking myself as I toyed with the device is whether this mobile gadget...
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