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The ISPS Strike Back

In the quest for behavioral targeting, companies who control ad networks have been working as hard as possible to allow advertisers to reach web surfers based on their online behavior and not just what page they happen to be on....

ITEXPO West 2007 Scores Big in L.A.

Here is my Publisher’s Outlook from the October 2007 Internet Telephony Magazine. It is rough and needs some editing but should give you a good idea of why you should be subscribing and reading every issue of the magazine. :)...

Aperio CI Interview

I recently had the opportunity to speak with William Mich, chairman and chief executive officer of Aperio CI, and get his thoughts on where the market and his company is headed.   As you may recall, the company has a...

Maximizing Service Provider Revenue

How Today's Carriers Could Use Data Mining To Boost Revenue and Discover the Profits of the Service provider 2.0 World.Every once in a while you get to look at an industry with fresh perspective and more importantly you get to...
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