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AT&T Inching Forward With Femtocells

With the massive hit carriers are taking by providing all you can eat data plans, is it any wonder AT&T is getting more serious about rolling out femtocells? No surprise here -- in fact I wonder why the company hasn't...

Google Pushes Verizon on 700 MHz Open Access

Many of us thought the open access provisions of the 700 MHz auction were taken care of and this was the reason Google got involved in the auction in the first place. It seems now that Verizon is saying that...

Virginia Court: Spam is not Protected Speech

Virginia's Supreme Court on Friday upheld the first US felony conviction for spamming. The spammer will serve nine years in prison for sending what authorities believe to be millions of messages over a two-month period in 2003. Jeremy Jaynes, a...

Internet Buffet Closed

Greg Galitzine heads up the editorial team at TMCnet and recently he and I were discussing the all you can eat internet and how it may soon be gone. During our talk, I had trouble seeing why this is different...

Amazon's France Problems

In France there is a law that says you are not allowed to sell books for more than 5 percent off the list price. We have lots of silly laws in the US as well so it is tough to...
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