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Google Employee Enforces Cell Phone Ban in Cars

Absolutely hilarious - A Google employee decided he would take a stand against drivers who talk on their cell phone in their cars by well - standing in front of a car where the driver was talking on the phone....

VoIP Banned on Some Flights

Perhaps the best holiday gift for people who enjoy peace and quiet on their flights is an all out ban on VoIP in the sky. The AP is reporting on the sorts of things we may be allowed to do...

Chinese Pornography

China is really cracking down on pornography. I had no idea it was even considered a problem in the country. An AP story shows some valuable insight on how the country is dealing with what they see as a growing...

VoIP Ban Mulled in India

I was just reading the VoIP Lowdown blog where I happened upon an entry discussing how India is losing tax revenue in telecom because of VoIP. They are considering banning it according to the entry. What is surprising, if this...
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