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What Toshiba is Doing Right

Wow! A while back I commented that Toshiba’s products were not very well known in the telecom space. This is an excerpt from that blog entry:   My point is the company is well-known in computing but virtually unknown in...

SCiB Battery Breakthrough

The biggest problem with mobile devices has been -- and for the foreseeable future -- will be the fact that battery technology is not advancing fast enough to keep up with the power needs of today’s mobile devices. Battery breakthrough...

Saitek Obsidian Mouse

I recently reviewed a Saitek Obsidian mouse. The unit is wireless and works on the 2.4 GHZ frequency. The range of the mouse is 10 meters but I only tested it at 2 and it worked fine. The mouse comes...

No Laptops on Planes

Regulators are exploring how to deal with the emergence of laptop fires on airplanes. Talks of banning laptops and other battery powered devices is taking place as you read this. This is quite a horrifying thought. Here are the details...

News for Buster Poindexter

Do you remember that song -- How you feelin - hot hot hot!? It was one of those weird offbeat kind of classic-pop songs (listen). I was reminded of this song recently when I heard one of the Apple laptops...

Recallapalooza Good For You and Me

A universal battery standard is great but wouldn’t it be even better if we had a universal AC adapter for laptops? Is it possible that recallapalooza will benefit consumers in the long run?...
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