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SIP Forum Growth

The SIP Forum seems to be making some nice progress in attracting a broad swath of companies to its organization. In case you aren't aware, The SIP Forum is a non-profit IP communications industry association that engages in numerous activities...

Tech Moving From Hardware to Software

As I sit in more and more meetings with companies in the IP communications hardware space I keep hearing that these companies are moving from hardware to software because that's where the money is. In fact, at a recent conference...

Building IMS Applications

TMC's Erik Linask If you are interested in learning the latest information regarding how you can build IMS or IP multimedia subsystem applications, I suggest you check out this article by Erik Linask which discusses a webinar regarding this...

IMS Development

It seems certain the future of today’s service provider will be in new applications we may not be able to envision today. In fact part of the lure of IMS or IP multimedia subsystem solutions is to allow these providers...


Service oriented architectures are something I have been writing more and more about recently. Expect SOA and communications to become more intricately intertwined. Announcements like this are great because it shows the massive amount of collaboration SOA is bringing to...
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