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Net Neutrality, Rich is Not on Vacation and Bee Wars

Meetings, conference calls and a surprise birthday cake for my Father Nadji Tehrani have kept me from writing today and I have a conference call in a little while which I need to prepare for so I can't even write...

Dying Bats+Dying Bees=Trouble

First there was colony collapse disorder where bees were dying off by the millions. Now it is the bats that are dying in the northeast of the US which means more mosquitoes and other flying insects await us all this...

Bee Problem Solved

Global warming, cell phones, pesticides and many other theories were thrown out to explain why bees around the world are dying. It turns out the real case of the world bee decline is a microscopic parasite called nosema ceranae common...

Why Are the Bees Dying?

The reason the bees are dying is linked potentially to pesticides but this is not 100% certain as a new pathogen has also recently been discovered. I have written about the dying bees before -- Bees Gone Wild, Colony Collapse...

Bees Gone Wild

Greg has some thoughts on the bee problems and how Taiwan is being affected by bees who leave their hives and get lost on the way home. Last year at the Communications Developer Conference I joked onstage about the...

Colony Collapse Disorder

If you haven’t been following the news, bees have been dying at alarming rates as adult bees get disoriented and can’t find their ways back to their nests. The NY Times does a good job of reporting the latest news...
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