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Competing Effectively in a Facebook and Google World

With a sky-high valuation over $70B Facebook has to be super-aggressive to ensure they can support a valuation which seems to grow by the tens of billions every few months. And with the ability to hire some of the best...

Sears Goes High Tech With Video Streaming

One imagines the person above represents the typical Sears customer... Will this news lure the person below? As reported by Gary Kim on TMCnet, Sears is now launching a new streaming video service under its Alphaline brand which is...

Google Video and Pack

Google VideoWith all the talk of Google taking on Microsoft, what may be overlooked is a slew of other companies who will lose large amounts of share to the company best known for sifting through the world’s information and categorizing...

Of Apple And Oranges

I hear more and more about the new video iPod and how it will change the world. In my opinion with the small screen size the device is little more than a fashion accessory -- at least for those of...
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