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Google+ Growth, Dropbox Killer: Google IS the Tech News

Google has entrenched itself is so many areas of tech they have become the technology news of the day. First off, Google+ growth has been nothing short of fantastic, in part because the company has altered search results to put...

Meetings, Earnings Calls and E-Mail

Its been perhaps one of my most productive days - I eliminated 1,500 emails - about 800 of which were in the "important - save for later" bucket meaning they either got zapped or required some action. Generally the latter....

Pandora Increases Focus on Cars

One of the best places in need of Internet radio is in the car as you are not able to currently able to skip songs on regular or satellite radio. Pandora and Slacker have changed the paradigm of radio listening...

Great CRM Ideas For A Down Economy

Recently, my wife ordered a few pairs of shoes from and they upgraded her shipping after the order was placed. She placed the order Monday evening and the shoes were received Tuesday afternoon. She was blown away and I...


In the last decade we have seen an interesting trend... Phones are getting smaller -- well basic phones that arent computers anyway. At the same time, the space saved in pockets by these smaller phones is being replaced by keys...

About Computers and Bezels

Any article focusing on performance automobile concepts and computers must be read and one titled Making the BMW of Enterprise Computers is no exception. This article talks about how Dell is working on making their servers look better... Even if they...
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