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Houston, We Have Disruption

When many of us think of disruption we think small. The client-server model disrupted the mainframe and mini market. Small hard drives in RAID formation disrupted larger hard drives. Tablets and smartphones disrupted PCs, etc. The digital device disrupted camera...

Let Companies, not Government Create Jobs

Maybe it's because I am a techie or perhaps because I have seen how the post office, tax code and department of motor vehicles works - but I am fairly certain that an investment by Intel - in this case...

Virgin Biofuel Flight

Virgin Atlantic conducted the first flight utilizing biofuel today in the hopes that it can be show that biofuels emit less carbon dioxide than regular fuels. While some say this test flight is just part of a publicity stunt used...

Hacking in the Air

Tony Rybczynski does a great job of alerting readers to the fact that Boeing originally had cockpit controls and in-flight internet for passengers on the same network in its new airplane the 787. Could you imagine the problems of...
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