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A Blackberry Bold User Reviews Droid from Motorola

Luca Filigheddu does a 24-hour review of the Droid from Motorola and as a faithful Blackberry Bold user his viewpoints are quite important. The screen size has double the real estate according to Luca and the audio quality and reception...

Can Droid Touch the iPhone or is Resistance Futile?

In February of 2007 I asked candidly if the fact that Verizon chose not to carry the iPhone will be remembered as a telecom blunder and more importantly I predicted in a year's time that we would look back at...

Blackberry Troubleshooting Webinar

Please excuse the self-promotional plug but I thought it worth mentioning that on March 31, 2009 there will be a TMCnet webinar focusing on the top 10 BlackBerry troubleshooting tips for enterprise activations. The growth of the RIM platform continues...

RIM Milestones

Congratulations to RIM... A very special company responsible for helping transform the way the world works. I give the company tremendous credit for improving global productivity on a scale never seen before.RIM's creation of the email on the go...
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