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Breaking: Goldman Sachs Bonuses all Stock?

I just heard from a reliable source that Goldman Sachs bonuses have been switched from cash to stock. Recently the company announced this would be the case for those at the top of the organization but now my source tells...

Bankers + Wrecked Banking Systems = Massive Bonuses

Bravo to Avery Goodman who has summed up how the very bankers who destroyed millions of global jobs (to be fair they had lots of help from a raft of industries, GSEs such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, ratings...

Nortel Asks for Executive Bonuses

A shot of the Ottawa River in Canada. Click to enlarge.It is certainly a tough time for Nortel to be trying to get a court to approve senior level management bonuses as just south of Canada here in the US,...

House Passes 90% Bonus Tax

You may have heard the House of Representatives recently passed a punitive bonus tax bill for those working in companies which received TARP money. Specifically, The bill defines a new class of income, "TARP Bonus," that consists of any compensation...
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