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The Latest VoIP Security Threat

For years I have been covering VoIP security and throughout this time it has been a one-sided conversation as there have been few documented cases of VOIP security attacks. Companies are generally not too happy to discuss VoIP security...

Borderware's SBC Strategy

MidMarket Session Border Contoller   Over the past few years the Session Border Control market has seen some change. At the high end of the market there are companies like Acme Packet and Nextone. These companies generally focus on features,...

PGP Meets VoIP

Well PGP has met VoIP before but meet the latest product to use Phil Zimmerman's PGP-based Zfone a secure VoIP media encryption software solution also created by Zimmermann. The product to use this technology is Borderware's SIPassure's VoIP security gateway.Interestingly...
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