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Yahoo! Cybersecurity Breach Helps Lower Value by $1 Billion

If you need a wake up call on how much a cybersecurity breach will cost, take a look at Yahoo who may have just lost $1 billion dollars in their sale to Verizon. In addition, Yahoo! was outed - although...

How Sony May be Fighting to Unleak its Information

The recent attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment is about as scary as it gets as emails which insulted the company’s hired talent or actors has been released. In just one incident a director called Angelina Jolie a spoiled, untalented, egomaniacal...

You need a Flip Phone for Your Data Center

The big news of the week is celebrities are eschewing smartphones for flip phones. What you ask? Yes, flip phones, those clamshell devices which most people associate with the luddite relative you just saw at Thanksgiving. The reason? They are...

Will Target CEO Removal Help Boost IT Security?

Corporate security needs to be taken very seriously – especially in light of the fact that hackers can be nation-states, organized crime syndicates or other groups with significant resources. To date, companies in the US and elsewhere have shown they...

Will Future Hackers Be Short-Sellers?

If you are publicly traded in a country where shorting is allowed – you are a bigger target   One can’t help but wonder if the opportunity currently exists for hackers to find loopholes in the security of publicly traded...
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