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Tech Bubble Talk from Eric Schmidt

Are we in a bubble or not? Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt thinks the idea is worth paying attention to. He isn't declaring we are in one but he says either the revenue growth of these new tech companies is...

Lycos Sold for $36M to Ybrant

In May of 2000, Lycos was acquired by Terra Networks, the internet arm of Spanish telecom giant Telefónica for $5.4 billion. Do you remember how this company used to be one of the top sites online? It really was one...

Most Tablets Will Fail

Hi all, here a small dose of reality. I know the world is tablet-crazyand all and I hate to be the one breaking up the party but in reality those of us over 18, remember how tech works. Most of...

Bubble 2.0

Are we headed towards another tech bubble or are social media sites really worth north of 15 billion dollars? I don’t have the answer to this question but if you are pondering it like I am, you may want to...
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