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Google API for Calendar and Contacts

In case you missed it, Google is opening up a great deal allowing other applications to sync with their calendar and contacts applications. This means it will be that much easier for people to seamlessly try the suite of Google...

Consumer Gadgets Eclipse Business Phones

The maddening division between consumer and business mobile devices continues to grow and as the trend picks up steam it is apparent consumers are the winners and businesspeople suffer. This is not to say the problem isn’t in some ways...

Tissot High-T Discontinued

Sadly, the Tissot High-T has been discontinued. This is terrible news as when the watch worked, it worked very well. It connected with the Microsoft Spot network which is now called MSN Direct. It had a touch screen and vibrate...

Google Calendar

Russell Shaw points out that Google is likely contemplating a calendar service. On the surface this makes sense because Google is becoming a portal and the calendar is an essential part of the portal. But what Russell did to back...
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