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DIDWW The Cloud Telephony DID Wholesale Enabler

Recently I had a chance to have an email exchange with Gideon Hack, White Label Product Manager at DIDWW. You may remember he was CTO at Sangoma – the open-source board and UC company. His new company DIDWW provides...

Google, Apple set for Death Match

Like a Godzilla movie with award-winning special effects, this battle will open up new opportunities for players in the communications market deep into the decade. Apple recently announced it has had over three billion applications downloaded on the iPhone and...

Google Voice Arrives

It took a full 20 months since the Grand Central acquisition but perhaps the wait has been worth it. Google just rolled out Google Voice, a service which expands on the one number for life idea. I spent a few...

GrandCentral Outage

Today was apparently a bad one for GrandCentral customers as many report the service was out for hours. As mentioned by TechCrunch, if you want to be phone company you can't go dead....
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