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71% of Austin Companies Complain of Tech Worker Shortage

New Austin job fair to help match tech workers with growing tech companiesI have said before the employment market is really a tale of two worlds. In the realm where you have tech skills and experience you are much more...

15 Ways to Keep Your Job

Despite the trillion plus dollars spent by two administrations, job losses in the U.S. and around the world are at record levels. Most companies are not prepared to make it through this environment. There is one certainty in this financial...

Bill Gates Promotes Education and Immigration Improvements

Today the U.S. House Committee on Science and Technology will hold a hearing on the future of innovation and U.S. competitiveness. This hearing commemorates the committee's 50th anniversary and as part of the event, Bill Gates will be speaking. Microsoft...

SEO Jobs

We have at least one job available in our search engine optimization (SEO) Department.   Technology Marketing Corporation, a media company and leader in the technology space is seeking a fulltime Search Engine Optimization Specialist who is a self-motivated, outgoing...
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