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Hold Our Leaders Accountable

I don't know about you but I have had enough. Enough of the corruption in government and enough of Wall Street executives reaping huge rewards on the backs of the waitresses, cashiers and the guy who cuts grass for...

Yahoo Enlists Home Page to Fight Icahn

The Yahoo takeover offer by Microsoft and the subsequent saga that has ensued is unusual in my recollection of corportate takeovers. The latest chapter in the saga is Yahoo now using its home page to fight Carl Icahn. The ad...

Did Carl Icahn Kill the Yahoo Deal?

I think many of us couldn't stop watching the OJ trial years back -- not because we wanted to but because we were drawn to it. Some sort of morbid curiosity I suppose. This is how I feel about the...

Yahoo/Microsoft The Never-Ending Story

I am not sure I have the attention span to follow the love/hate story that is the Microsoft/Yahoo/Carl Icahn/Rupert Murdoch relationship acquisition/merger/whatever -- but it seems that as of this moment, Yahoo has once again rejected Microsoft's proposal -- this...

Microsoft and Yahoo at it Again!

In a story that makes news mostly on weekends, it seems Microsoft is once again in talks with Yahoo. This time the software giant based in Redmond, Washington is thinking about buying some of Yahoo -- not all. I wonder...
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