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My iPhone Application Update

Here is a state of my iPhone article which lets you know about some applications you may want to consider and some you may not. Fring: This wonder-software allows the iPhone/iPod Touch to stay connected to people on various communications...

Big Mobile Week

Boy has there been tremendous mobile news this week. A few of the more interesting news announcements I have seen are the release of the Google T-Mobile G1 Phone which is based on Android/OHA. What is really interesting about this...

Encryption Vs. Recording Industry

In p2p sharing networks the latest weapon the file sharers are deploying is encryption. Sure encryption has been around for years but it seems the file sharers are now using the technology coupled with services like BitTorrent.   According to...

VoIP White Paper

If you are new to VoIP and want to learn more you must read Ted Wallingford’s mini-white paper titled Overcoming the challenges to the VoIP revolution. This is a well-written article on VoIP and how it will change the world....
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