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I recently had the opportunity to ask Mohamed El Mohri, CTO at Dialexia Communications, about the evolution of the IP communicationsspace and the direction his company is taking.   Dialexia Communications is best known for its next generation communication software...

Cellular 911

As many people leave their fixed line phones for wireless only devices there will be an inevitable problem of safety. You see cellular phones do not have the ability to relay location information as accurately as a fixed line...

Radcom QTrace

Networks are converging at breakneck speed and as they do, so does the need to search and troubleshoot calls across multiple sites and networks. According to Avi Zamir, President of Radcom, his company is starting to see the need for...

Femtocell Definition

According to Mae Kowalke, femtocells are small cellular base stations that provide enhanced coverage at the far edge of the network. They will enable wireless providers and others perhaps to provide services such as IPTV and definitely FMC.Perhaps most importantly...

More on Femtocell

It seems the more I read about femtocell the more I realize it has the potential to change the concepts we have of wireless telecom. Could this technology really change the dual-mode handset market and minimize the role of WiFi...
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