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Metaswitch: UC and CC The New and Old Growth Area for Carriers

Adding contact center and unified communications to your offerings adds a 30% addressable market for carriers according to Chris Carabello of Metawitch networks. He then said, “We're very invested in service providers and given their broadband infrastructure, ability to own...

Broadsoft: The 800-Pound Call Center Gorilla

The behind the scenes company powering a call center near you In the year 2000 when society was in the midst of realizing how technology and the internet in particular was going to change the world, I noticed there was...

AT&T Webinar Focuses on Hosted Market

Remember when hosted communications was called Centrex? Those were the days. Life was slower back then. We didn't have smart phones -- really we didn't even have mobile phones. Heck, we didn't even have e-mail or voicemail... My, how things...

Why Skype Should be Sold to Google

There are now rumors circulating that Google will buy Skype. These rumors are not new -- I wrote about this as recently as November 20 of 2007. But they did die down for a while and have been renewed. I...

Packet8: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

What is not to like about a company that keeps growing its customer base yet stays just under the radar so it isn't sued into oblivion? 8x8's Packet8 service continues to grow nicely and has just reached the 10,000 user...
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