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Research Shows More Innovation under a Joint Chairman/CEO

Many of us know people who struck it rich in an IPO and then decided to retire or take time off. If a percentage of people in a company decide to leave the organization when it decides to go public,...

Bailed Out CEOs Get Pay Limits

We interrupt this regularly scheduled expo for important financial news. I should mention I abhor corporate CEOs and executives who enrich themselves without increasing shareholder value. What I hate even more is the following... A CEO or executive who has...

New Zultys CEO

I know you are busy but I am sure you noticed this week that Zultys appointed a new CEO. Sure you did. I know readers of my blog are voracious and can't get enough of the latest news and analysis...

Ed Whitacre Jr.

Congratulations to Ed Whitacre Jr. for building a great big telecommunications company from an assortment of smaller ones. Certainly in this case the sum was greater than the parts.   Ed is about to retire and he can consider this...

Vonage to Focus on Profit

Jeffrey Citron will replace Michael Schneider as CEO of Vonage. It seems Wall Street is happy with this move as the stock price has increased somewhat on this news.   In addition the company has instituted a hiring freeze and...

New Digium CEO

Mark Spencer is a competitive weapon at Digium and is well-liked by many in the open source community. It was evident to anyone who knows Mark that he is spread thin as a coder, manager, chief strategy officer and company...
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