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Charlie Sheen Spoofs Own Video

Social media can be a powerful force to actors who feel like they are getting a raw deal. In the case of Charlie Sheen, he has produced a video spoofing himself - cursing, eating with an Elmo bib and other...

Why Purchased Radian6

The recent Cloudforce 2011 conference in New York Word of mouth advertising has always been important to business but today, a small group of people who others trust could be responsible for making or breaking a product or company....

Mickey Mouse Robot Scares Adults

TMC's Juliana Kenny has an interesting look at a robotic Mickey Mouse, Facebook streaming movies, celebrity chef app news and more in her celebrity tech video segment which of course discusses Charlie Sheen - and the new Sheen blocker for...

How YouTube Takes Consumer Time from TV

In the past I have discussed how TV disruption may happen more slowly than you think because of the tens of billions of dollars in affiliate fees changing hands. But this doesn't mean there aren't brilliant innovators out there using...
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